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May 1, 2023

Common Myths when Franchising

May 1, 2023

Franchising is one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to leave their corporate grind behind and start a business for themselves. Small business ownership may seem like a dream away but with franchising it is reachable for many. Franchising with The Cleaning Authority offers a taste of what it’s like to own a business with the security of a proven business system. So why don’t you take the leap? Many people may have previous misconceptions around franchising, so in this blog, we will be discussing many of the common myths that franchising has.

Franchising is expensive

Investing and franchising with The Cleaning Authority is easy for entrepreneurs of all kinds. We offer two different market options, allowing for a wider group of potential franchisees to tailor their investments and future businesses to the markets in which they live within. With our ability to offer different territories and franchise opportunities, we can draw in franchise owners from various professional and financial backgrounds. The Cleaning Authority works with you and takes you step by step about the financial investment, so in all franchising is not out of reach for many.

You have no support

From day one, you have a team of experts at The Cleaning Authority to help provide support at every step, every decision, every speed bump you experience. With all our resources you can rely on to fully understand every aspect of your business. Our proprietary systems are just another element of our business model that ensures success for our franchise owners.

Some of the benefits of our time-tested business systems include our:

  • Human Resource Management Tools
  • Customer Retention and Win-Back Program
  • Highly Sophisticated Software
  • National Call Center
  • Advanced Marketing Program

I need to be a marketing expert

When you join The Cleaning Authority team as a franchise owner, you automatically acquire a team of marketing experts. With The Cleaning Authority, 86% of customers are generated at the national level. This means our franchisees can concentrate their energy on managing employees and local operations instead of using it to worry about making the phone ring.

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