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June 19, 2023

Life at The Cleaning Authority

June 19, 2023

When you become a franchise owner of The Cleaning Authority, you’re joining a team of experts created to help you. That’s why we have designed an adapting business model to include programs to help both customer and employee retention. In 2021, Life at TCA was born to help with recruitment. Life at TCA was designed to bolster franchise owners’ workplace culture and help employee retention. In this blog, we will be discussing how this program helps franchise owners succeed and stand apart from the competition.

Life at TCA is a social media employee advocacy program that positions The Cleaning Authority as an employer of choice by showcasing company culture through employeegenerated content. Employees can send in photos or videos about their day-to-day that are posted on social media for their followers to see. It benefits franchise owners by building an employer brand and applicant funnel, engages your current team, and promotes employee referrals.

The Cleaning Authority understands it takes a team of people to create a successful business, that’s why Life at TCA can help build the company culture our owners want. Over 88% of employees believe a distinct company culture is important to business success. That’s why our franchise model not only includes how to start a successful cleaning franchise but also how to maintain it. This helps owners to focus on growth and expansion and running a great team.

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