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April 13, 2023

Top Advantages When Investing In a Franchise

April 13, 2023

As an entrepreneur, one of the best paths to follow when opening your own business is to franchise. Why? Because franchising has multiple offers that starting your own business cannot provide. The Cleaning Authority offers a plethora of advantages and support that will have you inquiring about our franchise at the end of this blog.

Technology Innovation

Starting your own business is hard enough, why add stress to what technology would help your business? That’s how franchising with The Cleaning Authority makes it easy. We continuously enhance our technology to make sure we are competitive. With that, The Cleaning Authority has created it own app called MyTCA that increases accessibility to your staff and helps provide maximum revenue potential.

Our technology is also the most extensive web-based software solution to assist our franchise owners with the management of every area of their home cleaning business. Our systems are designed to assist our owners with growing their businesses, this helps them by:

  • Giving insight into business metrics at the household and single-employee level
  • Offering mobile applications that are among the most advanced in the industry
  • Providing owner access to tools that boost profitability and efficiency

Franchising with The Cleaning Authority and having access to technology innovation is just another advantage of becoming a franchise owner.


Without the franchisor’s support, training would be left to you. The Cleaning Authority’s training sets us apart and helps us maintain the title of #1 cleaning residential franchise. Our Operations Representatives are each top-performing franchise owners who offer insight and advice based on the same experience you’re about to go through. Our initial training will teach you the skills you will need to know to run a successful franchise. This is a huge advantage to those not fully understanding the business. Through training, you become an expert before you open your business rather than having to figure it out while starting one.


When you become a member of The Cleaning Authority, you’re joining a family of franchise owners who work to support each other. Growing a business takes hard work and experience—something our owners share with each other. From our annual convention to our coaching from other franchise owners, you’ll never be alone on your journey. This is something you would not have if you opened your business yourself. The Cleaning Authority helps connect you in a positive way!

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Take the Next Steps to Success

If you’re curious about whether the home cleaning franchise industry is the right one for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us today at (888) 718-4534 or visit the links below to learn more.

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