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July 13, 2022

How to Start a Cleaning Business with no experience

July 13, 2022

Is it possible to start a cleaning business with no experience in the industry? Of course, it is! The Cleaning Authority business model can help work you toward semi-absentee ownership too! One of the first questions about investing in a business is why. Owning a cleaning franchise is better than starting your own, and we will explore how below.

Powerful Marketing

When you start your own business without franchising, you have to worry about operations, products, clients, and marketing. Excelling in all of those is extremely hard. That’s why The Cleaning Authority takes it off your plate and onto ours. With our team of marketing experts, we help provide you with:

  • 86% of customers are generated at a national level through our marketing efforts
  • Our direct mailing program targets households that will most likely become customers
  • Our advanced digital strategy provides features for your website and helps manage schedules
  • Social media presence is a necessity for every business; therefore, we produce content that is engaging, relevant, and designed to make sure your business is reaching the right people
  • Our customer retention is unique by using a reward program that helps boost your retention rates

Training and Support

When having no experience with owning a cleaning business, The Cleaning Authority help provides you with all the training and support you need. Not only do we teach you our business model but we help with:

  • Human Resource Management Tools that help facilitate recruitment, hiring, training, and development of a strong team and management.
  • Customer Retention and Win-Back Program to help retain as many customers as possible by providing incentives.
  • Highly Sophisticated Software that allows our franchisees to track their business assets and optimize their efficiency.
  • National Call Center that fields call from prospective and existing customers.

Our franchise owners come from different backgrounds with more than half of our owners holding an MBA, illustrating how our home cleaning franchise opportunity has been vetted and chosen by knowledgeable business owners nationwide. New franchisees are thoroughly trained on our Detail-Clean Rotation System so that they can train their staff to have an expert-level understanding of the process and meet the needs of homes of any size.

To learn more about how you can start your own cleaning franchise with no experience, click here

Take the Next Steps to Success

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