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September 16, 2021

How to Leave Corporate America & Spend More Time with Family

September 16, 2021

Are you looking for a way to escape the 9-5 grind?

You’re in luck, and no, you don’t have to sell things in an online group.

The fact is, if you’re starting to think about changing your career, you have options that are high quality, generate an income source, and allow you to choose your hours. But there are avenues available that aren’t going to benefit you. So how do you figure out the right path?

Establish Your Priorities

If you’re considering getting out of the corporate lifestyle, you’re probably wondering how it will work.

Will you be successful? It can be a stressful leap of faith, given the security you may currently be feeling. On the other hand, the idea of not putting in 40+ hours a week is enticing. Laying the foundation for a healthy work/life balance could do wonders for you.

Does this sound like you? If so, you’ll need to figure out your why.

There are innumerable reasons people think about quitting their jobs. Some of these reasons might resonate:

  • Feeling stuck in a certain role or level
  • Thinking poor management seems inescapable
  • Desiring more compensation
  • Wishing to be with family more
  • Missing having free time with friends
  • Seeking flexibility in hours and days spent working
  • Looking for the opportunity to volunteer regularly
  • Deserving recognition and direct profit for hard work
  • Wanting the availability to travel and adventure

Once you understand the reasoning for your desires, start deliberating about how you can make positive change.

Take Ownership

A common phrase in workplace discussion is the urge and desire to “be your own boss”. The reality is that starting a business from the ground up will be more expensive, time-consuming, and overwhelming than sticking with your corporate position. If you choose that path, every decision and dollar spent is up to you, and you’ll likely spend years trying to find the success you’re seeking, with bumps and lows along the way.

Your spending habits play a key role in these situations – if you’re someone who spends more impulsively it can be difficult to safely scale a business. If you’re a saver who has a hard time parting with money, you’ll have a harder time investing in important ventures.

Research franchise ownership rather than starting from scratch. A reliable franchise will provide the opportunity for you to take charge of your affairs with a well-established process.

Find Good Support

Those you develop working relationships with can set you up for success or make things entirely too difficult to manage. Especially when starting a business on your own, it can be a tough challenge to determine who to turn to for support. Choosing business partners with the proper values is critical to leading a thriving business – values such as integrity, tenacity, and empathy, for example.

Beyond characteristics that establish strong support, having resources and people to rely on for business operations questions will allow you to make the best choices and grow your opportunities. With franchise ownership, you’ll be in charge of running day-to-day operations and boosting business while having the backing from a national network of experts who have been in your shoes. These experts will offer advice and encouragement, tips, and best practices.

Lead with Confidence

Speaking of leading a thriving business, you must look inward at your qualities. Offering your experience and strengths isn’t the same as owning a company and managing operations. To successfully leave your corporate work as more than likely a ‘doer’, you’ve also got to master being a leader that makes critical decisions and executes them properly.

Finding a franchise that will provide the tools and training to overcome challenges is priceless. Look for a business that offers:

  • Industry experts who develop processes that have been carefully honed through years of experience and are eager to offer insight to you
  • Tools that are meant to offer clear tracking of your assets and ways to optimize efficiency
  • Programs that help you make the leadership decisions on hiring, training, and developing engaged employees
  • Innovative technology that you can use to your advantage in detecting problem areas and adjusting your approach

Owning a franchise offers more freedom than many people initially realize. It certainly requires dedication and consistency, but you’ll enjoy the ability to keep reasonable hours that leaves you with free time and scale the business as you see fit.

To learn more about how you can change your lifestyle and begin the steps toward owning a franchise, call (888) 718-4534 or fill out our form online.

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