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March 22, 2021

5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Franchise Owner with The Cleaning Authority

March 22, 2021

Deciding to become a franchise owner is a huge step as an entrepreneur. At this point, you’ve done your research and know about some of the fantastic benefits that accompany franchise ownership with The Cleaning Authority. But before you sign your franchise agreement with us, we want to let you in on a few things that might further inform your choice.

1. We Help Validate Your Decision

From the very beginning, we’re there to help you understand the great decision you’ve made to become a part of our franchise network. We take the time to discuss a few things, including:

  • Financial qualifications for ownership
  • Your perfect niche in the market
  • Start-up timeframe and business trajectory
  • Training and support we offer all franchisees

We also make sure you’re already plugged into our expansive network of support by connecting you with current franchise owners. This is so you can get an understanding of the franchise opportunity you’ve chosen and talk through the investment and the return you can expect. The entire process is meant to validate your choice to become a franchise owner with The Cleaning Authority.

2. We Develop & Train You

The development of our franchise owners is critical to us. We spare no expense when it comes to ensuring our franchisees are fully trained and ready for the journey they’re about to embark upon. After you’ve signed your franchise agreement, we bring all new owners to our corporate office for nine days of training to help you learn the ends and outs of our business. Both virtual and classroom learning are essential to your acclimation into The Cleaning Authority fold. The training sessions help you get acquainted with our technology, marketing tools, and management practices, including employee training and financial information. We make sure that you’re ready to jump into the marketplace with vigor so you can excel.

3. We Provide the Marketing Programs

Are you wondering how you will get your name into the market and hire exceptional employees for your business? Fortunately, The Cleaning Authority is also a well-known brand, so you won’t have to do much. During our nine-day corporate training, we introduce you to our marketing programs and practices. We provide online career marketing and information so you can attract individuals with a great work ethic, a passion for this industry, and a vision to grow in your business with you. You will get a step-by-step look into the advertising, interviewing, and hiring of new employees. Additionally, we will show you how incorporating bonuses and incentive plans can help retain good employees long-term.

Not only do you get the VIP treatment when hiring employees, but we also ensure you have a way of attracting customers to your new business. Our already established direct marketing program targets potential customers in your territory. You will receive the market research we’ve done for you to help you reach and gain a robust customer base.

4. You Are Your Own Boss

You should know that we value you as an entrepreneur. The Cleaning Authority wouldn’t be as successful as we are without franchise owners’ tireless work and their understanding that they are the captains of their own ships. We can help navigate the journey and show you how best to reach your goals, but it’s up to you to steer your business in the right direction. You are always your own boss, but we will be there to support you every step of the way.

5. You Are Investing in Your Future

Qualitative and quantitative investments are equally important when talking about a cleaning franchise opportunity with us. Starting a franchise can be a monetarily expensive and emotionally taxing venture. Luckily, The Cleaning Authority provides potential franchise owners with data-driven information about the cost of ownership. A new business doesn’t have to break the bank or cost an arm and a leg. For our franchisees, actual costs to get your business off the ground can vary, but current owners have started their businesses for as little as $76,000. When you invest in a franchise with The Cleaning Authority, you’re investing in a successful future as a business owner.

For more information about accepting this home cleaning franchise opportunity and joining our franchise network, call us at (888) 718-4534. We can’t wait for you to join our family!

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