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December 15, 2021

Why the Holidays Are the Best Time to Join the Cleaning Franchise Industry

December 15, 2021

Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Are You?

A clean home isn’t something people want occasionally, it’s something that’s preferred all the time. And this is especially true during the holidays.

So why is this the best time to join the industry?

Let’s discuss.

You’re Following Proven Processes

From the moment you become a franchise owner, you’ve got oodles of resources at your disposal. Unlimited training and support from industry pros, advanced technology that brings capabilities far beyond starting a business from scratch, and incredible marketing tools that set you ahead of the competition from the get-go.

Franchising Means You’re in Control

As the owner of your business, you make the decisions:

  • Hire your dream team by bringing employees on who share your passion and values
  • Do the business operations components that you enjoy and delegate the rest
  • Scale your business in ways that make sense for you
  • Purchase a franchise territory in an area you want to live

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

That, and the busiest time of the year for cleaning businesses! Since you’re in control, you can decide how much or how little you fill up your schedule. The fall and winter months, typically from October into January are some of the most booked months of the year. Depending on the size of the team you build, you can choose to book up like crazy while still ensuring that you and your team have free time when you want.

You’re Offering a Service People Want

From homes to businesses and anything in between, it’s common to need help staying on top of cleaning. So especially during a hectic time of year, you can be the hero that saves the day by making homes spotless in time for hosting family or friends.

You’re Also Offering a Service People Need

Beyond the great feeling of entering a freshly cleaned space, this is the time of year when disinfection services become much more pertinent. You’ll help homeowners destroy germs and bacteria to avoid getting guests sick. And then once the holidays wind down, your services will be appreciated again for post-event sanitizing.

You’re Creating a Flexible Lifestyle

Depending on which franchise you join, you won’t have to give up evenings or weekends. With The Cleaning Authority, business hours are standard Monday-Friday. And we focus on developing businesses towards absentee ownership, which is perfect for the holidays.

You Don’t Need Experience to Thrive

Many of our franchise owners did indeed have prior experience before joining our network, but at the same time, many did not. All it takes is a willingness to learn and drive to grow. You receive the highest standards of training to deliver results that The Cleaning Authority is known for nationwide, just in time for the busy season.

This is the time to position yourself best for next year’s holiday season! With the proper planning and support, you’ll be setting yourself up for control over your life.

Give us a call or reach out online to learn more about joining our cleaning franchise.

P.S.: Are you a woman or a veteran, or both? We’re considered to be a top franchise with participation in programs that empower your success.

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