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August 12, 2021

4 Questions When Choosing if a Cleaning Franchise or Individual Cleaning Company is Better for You

August 12, 2021

Four Questions You Should Consider

Before entering the world of entrepreneurship and starting a cleaning business, you must first decide if you want to buy into a franchise or become an independent small business owner. There are pros and cons to each sector; this makes the type of business you choose entirely up to how you’d prefer to operate.

Here are some questions to take into consideration:

  1. Do you have the skills to handle all your marketing for business promotion?

From setting up an optimized website to running ad campaigns, calling prospective customers, and creating an email list, you’ll have lots of opportunities to market your business.

If you have the time and connections created to handle the volume of advertising that will build your business up, you might enjoy the freedom of small business ownership. If you’re not familiar with the various components of marketing and how to execute them effectively, you’ll likely feel significant relief from buying into a franchise.

At The Cleaning Authority Franchising, we provide our franchisees with everything they need. Our independently owned locations receive about 86% of their new customers from our marketing campaigns. This gives you more time to focus on making every aspect of your business better day by day.

Beyond having our call center handle the bulk of your prospective calls, our marketing efforts include:

Direct Mailing Programs – We’ll target households that research has found most likely to become customers.

Advanced Digital Strategy – Your website will feature real-time estimate scheduling and content geared towards search engine optimization, so your franchise location shows up when local customers search for cleaning companies.

Remarketing Campaigns – We keep your location at top-of-mind for your potential customers.

Social Media – Our experts take care of posting engaging content to relevant platforms that reach the right people.

Customer Retention – We create custom rewards programs that boost our already great retention rates.

Online Reputation – Our programs help you stay in tune and in charge of your online reputation to continue building trust.

  1. Are you looking for guidance on how to run and scale your business?

If you’re starting your own business, you’ll be making every decision on how things should run. And when you begin to grow, you’ll scale everything accordingly – inventory, personnel, and marketing to name a few.

With a franchise such as The Cleaning Authority Franchising, you’ll have access to full support from training and starting the business to successfully navigating any hiccups in your growth. When you have questions, you’ll know who to turn to from our Operations Representatives, customer acquisition experts, and technology department.

Outreach Representatives consist of top-performing franchise owners who have been through the process you’re going through and have a plethora of insight and advice to give. Our customer acquisition experts are available for your marketing and prospects questions, and our technology staff can answer any question on the systems you use since they built the systems themselves.

  1. Do you have a location in mind for your business?

If you have a location you’d prefer to operate from, are you aware of competitors in the area and whether it’s already a heavily saturated market? At The Cleaning Authority Franchising, we maintain a territory map to determine which areas are available at the level you’re looking to market: Hometown or Enterprise. And your chosen territory will be protected so no TCA franchisors are stepping on any toes.

During your onboarding and training, we help you conduct research within your territory to establish fair pricing for your services.

  1. Are you comfortable recruiting, hiring, training, and documenting your efforts?

As you bring employees onto your team, you’ll be responsible for finding great talent, dictating fair salary, training for success, and tracking your employee records for potential audits. With a franchise, you’ll have these resources available. Our franchisees benefit from Human Resource Management Tools that provide deep insight, useful templates, and resources for developing a strong team.

Your employees will come from several resources, including Indeed ads and referrals, and we help by providing online career marketing to attract individuals to your location. Once you have a staff, our Career Opportunity Path helps you to organize employees and keep them on track in the direction they’re seeking.

Other technology provided to you offers direct access to your business metrics – from success rates to individual employee information – so you can boost efficiency and optimize your profitability.

Think you’re interested in a franchise opportunity with The Cleaning Authority Franchising? Here are the six steps to starting your own cleaning franchise. Give our team a call at (888) 718-4534 with any questions!

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