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November 29, 2020

Meet our Franchisee: Todd Krause

November 29, 2020

Todd Krause, owner of The Cleaning Authority (TCA) of Fishers, IN, found a way to celebrate his employees, their cultures, and nationalities:

The previous owner had some flags displayed for the staff. I noticed that we were missing flags for some of the staff and that we were not displaying the flags in a respectful manner. Some of the flags were too close to the coffee service and sink and were becoming stained. My managers and I took the flags down and carefully laundered them to remove the stains. I ordered flagpole bases and flag mounting hardware online and had a local specialty metals shop make the flagpoles for me. We now display twelve flags in our front entranceway, one for each country represented by members of the team that works in my office. Additionally, each manager has their own flag by their desk as do I.

We operate by the following motto: We remember our culture, our heritage, our history, and our language. I borrowed that from the wording on the license plates in Quebec (*Je Me Souviens, or I Remember) and based the wording of our motto on what people in Quebec told me their license plates meant to them personally.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for bigotry, racism, or any other such behavior – that means customers AND staff. Most of these people are working hard to improve their lives and I am proud to be able to help them do just that in life.

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