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June 18, 2018

Meeting the Needs of the Industry with The Cleaning Authority

June 18, 2018

The article “5 Cleaning Industry Trends, Predictions, and Statistics for 2018” describes five key elements in the residential cleaning industry that consumers are looking for and that companies need to master in order to succeed. At The Cleaning Authority, we provide all of the necessary resources that our franchisees need to take control of the market and get ahead.

Here is how we meet each of these trends:

  1. Normalcy of outsourced cleaning. Cleaning services are becoming more commonplace and are not so much an indulgence anymore. Consumers don’t need to be told why they need a cleaning service; they need to be told why they need your cleaning service. It is crucial to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

    At The Cleaning Authority, our commitment to customer service and excellence in quality, highlighted by our Detail-Clean Rotation System, sets us apart. This system allows for a rotational detail clean of the kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, and sleeping areas each time we visit a customer’s home. While all of these areas are cleaned each visit, we give each one extra attention on a rotating basis to ensure a thorough clean and a satisfied customer.

  2. Consumer ease and convenience. In today’s day in age, where you can order just about any product online and it will arrive on your doorstep the next day, consumers are accustomed to convenience. If something is not convenient for them, they won’t use it.

    Knowing this, The Cleaning Authority offers several different tools to make our customers’ lives easier. When a potential or current customer wants to contact us, they can call, use our interactive online estimate form to get pricing and schedule an in-home estimate, message us on Facebook, contact us through Yelp, or email us. Having options lets the consumer decide the best method of communication for them. Another way that we simplify our customers’ experience is to allow payment by credit card. Smart use of technology and information systems is something that we know is extremely valuable and vital in allowing businesses to better serve their patrons.

  3. The importance of social media. The experts claim that social media is no longer an added bonus to a business, but that it’s a necessity.

    We maintain a high level of activity on both our corporate (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) and franchise (Facebook, Google Plus) social media accounts. We create all of the content, including original blog posts, put it in a strategic schedule, and schedule daily social posts for all of our franchisees’ pages.

  4. Typing instead of talking. More and more aspects of business are moving to online platforms. The trend toward technology will only intensify in the future, and we are prepared for that.

    At The Cleaning Authority, new customers can get a free online estimate as well as schedule cleaning visits on our website. Our customer online portal also allows customers to view past cleans, invoices, upcoming cleans, and their points balance in our rewards program, MyTCA rewards.

  5. Employee expectations are increasing. While high employee turnover is typically characteristic of the cleaning service industry, this doesn’t have to always be the case. Satisfied employees and low employee turnover mean less hiring and training, which saves time and resources and can increase productivity.

We provide resources to help franchisees better manage and motivate employees, including highly developed training methods and special motivational programs. One example of this is Employee Appreciation Month, during which we encourage customers to give positive reviews of their Professional Housecleaners, who then receive a bonus for each one. We also continuously offer webinar training programs for our franchisees on various topics related to hiring and retention, in order to keep employee turnover low.

Going in to a new business and trying to stay on top of all of the trends can be stressful, but the good news is that we are here to support our franchisees and position them for success. Franchising with The Cleaning Authority allows you to utilize our strategic infrastructure and ensure that you will come out on top.

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