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January 31, 2018

Meet our Franchisees: Cathy & Joe Abramski

January 31, 2018

With Cathy Abramski’s marketing and business background combined with her husband Joe’s service experience as a former FDNY Firefighter, they bring a strong combination of skills to their new The Cleaning Authority business in Morristown, New Jersey. They believe that “Small business ownership will allow both of us to take everything we have learned from our previous careers about managing a business efficiently, establishing successful processes and procedures, as well as training, developing and mentoring employees, and translating it into our new business with The Cleaning Authority,” Cathy said.

After Cathy’s retirement from her career in Corporate America and Joe’s retirement from the FDNY force, the couple began to search for new opportunities while also dedicating most of their free time to their kids. “We were also looking for something that we could bring our children into in the future if they were interested,” Cathy said. Due to her experience in working for franchises from a young age, franchising seemed to be a great prospect. The Cleaning Authority stood out because of its “unique opportunity to deliver a quality service that continuously delights our customers” and its distinctive Detail Clean Rotation System®.

Additionally, the couple found The Cleaning Authority’s uses of Green Seal Certified cleaning products and a Satisfaction Guarantee to be very intriguing and sensible. “Cleaning with earth friendly products just makes a lot of sense, and they do a great job, too,” Cathy said. “I think the Satisfaction Guarantee is very important, especially in this type of business.”

Cathy and Joe identified Morristown, New Jersey as the perfect market for their franchise due to it becoming “a social hub for food and entertainment. For people living in this area, there’s not a lot of time left to clean your home with such active lives.” The communal and family-based attitude of the area makes it not only perfect for their home, but also for a budding office of The Cleaning Authority.

After undergoing the process of signing on with The Cleaning Authority, Cathy advises future franchisees to be confident and secure in their decisions. “It is important to know that it will take a lot of work to get started but will be worth it because not only will you benefit from owning your own business, but you will get to create a strong culture to help employees grow and thrive,” she said.

Cathy and Joe look forward to a prospective future of establishing their office with a team of employees who are dedicated to delighting their customers with outstanding quality and service.

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